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Two dogs out for a walk

Onsite Pharmacy & Nutrition Products For BUSY UPPER WEST SIDE PET OWNERS

A cat with some pharmaceuticals

Pet ownership brings joy to life. Taking your pet to the vet takes time out of your busy life. We’ve designed our hospital to make all that much easier.

Our onsite pharmacy not only saves you from running an extra errand, it also gets your pet on his or her path to recovery faster. Because your medication will be provided by the same staff that prescribed it, you’ll have plenty of time to discuss dosage amounts, side effects, and more.

We are also happy to fill your prescription if you have seen another veterinarian. Just stop in with your prescription; we’ll get it filled.

Beyond Medication

Back in the day, pharmacies did more than just dispense medication. They were the soda fountain, a local gathering place. In that spirit, our in-store pharmacy is a well-stocked store dedicated to pet nutrition and wellness. From diet and special formula foods to treats that improve your pet’s teeth and overall health, our pharmacy is the resource caring pet owners and their pets deserve.

Please contact us to learn more about our pharmacy services.