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A cat and dog with their family

Medical Stay for Dogs and Cats in the Upper West Side

A cat cuddling with their human

Sometimes, home is not the best place for your pet to be. After a medical procedure or complex surgery, your dog or cat will recover fastest and best under our 24-hour nursing care and pain monitoring.

That’s why Lincoln Square Veterinary Hospital provides medical stay suites that are restful, comfortable spaces for your dog or cat. This makes it easier for us to monitor and mitigate your pet’s pain, and it makes it easier for your dog or cat to rest—the best post-operative medicine on the planet.

Please fill out our new client online form and our medically supervised stay information form so we have all your pet’s medical information and your contact information available.

What to Expect During a Medical Stay

We have cages and kennels to accommodate any size dog, from Chihuahua to Great Dane. Every animal is provided fresh bedding daily, and as needed if they soil their cage. All dogs (unless medically unable to walk) will be leash walked outside every 4 hours. Cats have litter box changes each time they void.

A dog smiling up at the viewer

Other Benefits of Boarding With Us

We welcome visitors. After surgery, your pet may recover best under our supervision, but no one can make him or her as happy as you. We’ll accommodate you whenever you want to visit your pet, but a phone call in advance is always advised.

With an in-house pharmacy, we can easily administer any of the medications your pet will need to remain pain- and stress-free.

Contact us today to learn more about our boarding services.