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Cat and Owner

Lincoln Square Veterinary Hospital Offers Pet Care Services in Style

Dog with owner

Advanced pet care involves a focus on both the patient and the client.

That means delivering treatment to dogs and cats in an accredited facility, as well as providing an immaculate facility that doesn’t rush their owners in or out.

Lincoln Square Veterinary Hospital boasts the finest pet care on the Upper West Side focusing on the following areas:

Ginger kitty

Comprehensive and advanced delivery of services is paramount to proper pet health care. But, if it isn’t accompanied by compassion and patience, it isn’t world-class. At Lincoln Square Veterinary Hospital, our priority is diagnosing and treating your animal, not simply getting you in and out the door.

Our veterinarians, vet techs, and office staff never want you to feel rushed. After all, your pets can’t talk. They need you to advocate for them, ask questions, and make certain you understand the pet care matter at hand. None of this happens in a fast-paced, haphazard environment so we’ll never let our hospital be that way.

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