Oncology Pet Care: Successfully Treating Cancer Cases in Upper West Side Pets

Cancer accounts for almost half of the deaths of pets over 10 years of age. With early diagnosis and thorough treatment, your pet does not have to suffer that fate. Our chief aim is for your pet to have a pain-free experience and a full remission of the cancer. In cases where the cancer does not go away, our goal becomes prolonging quality of life, regardless of quantity of life.

Cancer Treatment Options for Your Pet

Each type of cancer requires its own specialized treatment and may include a combination of treatment therapies:

dog and cat snuggling
Cancer that is isolated to a tumor sometimes responds best to simple tumor-removal surgery.
For metastasized cancers, intensive chemo treatments may be necessary.
Some cancers appear to get triggered when the immune system is weakened. Immunotherapy corrects that.

Once we have a diagnosis of your pet’s cancer, we will discuss the best treatment option, other alternatives, and what to expect in terms of prognosis and budget. We will do this with compassion and with clarity.

Regular checkups, grooming, and monitoring any strange behavior from your pet is the best way to catch the presence of cancer. Contact us today and let our experienced staff get your dog or cat on the path toward healing.

What Our Clients Are Saying

“The entire staff is caring and compassionate. Our dog was well taken care of and is on the road to recovery. We especially appreciate the follow up calls.” –Howard M.

“Wonderful service and very kind staff! We’re so thankful to have found a great vet after moving to NYC!” –Emily A.

“Dr. Fried answers all my questions and concerns about my pet. Makes me feel like we are in good hands.” –Joyce M.

“I have recommended Dr. Fried to my pet owning friends and will continue to do so.” –Anon A.

“I would not take my dog or three cats anywhere but to Lincoln Square.” –Susan H.

“Everyone at Lincoln Square Veterinary Hospital is very professional, friendly and really care for their patients.” –Irene A.

“I have always had good experiences at Lincoln Square animal hospital and this was no exception.” –Carol H.

“The doctors at LSV are amazing and take wonderful care of our bulldog Zeus!” –Rekha U.

“We love this Vet! Everyone is professional and friendly and we are completely confident with their care and ability.” –David F.

“I highly recommend Lincoln Square Veterinary Hospital to anyone who treats their four-legged babies as their own!” –Margaret B.

“My dog has been in good hands here since he was a puppy. Excellent medical care and excellent follow up.” –Carrie W.

“Everyone at LSVH is cheerful, efficient and helpful. This is the only vet office I know of, where my dog does not shake, but instead wags his tail upon entering!” –Nathan S.

“We have always been greeted with smiles and a terrific attitude. Each and every one of the doctors make me feel like they love my pet almost as much as I do.” –Jayme S.

“I always have a very good feeling that Georgie is being taken care of in the best possible way. I also find the staff very polite, and helpful.” –Jacqueline D.

“Great experience. Vets are always very patient with the humans and animals. Been going for years and will continue.” –Nancy S.

“All of them (the vets, the techs, the receptionists) are kind and gentle in handling all animals (including humans). I have never had a bad experience there, and my cats are happy and healthy!” –Gabriel K.

“There really is no other vet, staff or place like Lincoln Square. Plus, I never worry when I leave my precious little guy there. I know they’ll treat him as I would.” –Gina M.